Adequacy of implementation structures and reporting

Review of the structures and responsible functions for the implementation of the strategy and its action plan. National authorities are asked to provide information on the implementation structures for each strategy, and provide the action plans and monitoring reports. The criteria below derive from the United Nations Convention Against Corruption.

Subindicators fulfilled per country

For each strategy, there is a central coordination function responsible for coordinating the implementation, monitoring, reporting, and evaluation of the action plan.

All public integrity strategies have an action plan in force.

All action plans include objectives with dedicated outcome-level indicators, baseline targets, and a list of activities.

All action plans identify lead organisations at least for each objective.

All action plans contain a section specifying the monitoring, reporting, and evaluation arrangements.

All action plans reference administrative data sources from existing public registries.

At least one action plan includes data sources from staff, household, or business surveys.

At least one action plan includes activities to collaborate with institutions at the subnational level.

All action plans are published as a minimum on the website of the responsible body.

Monitoring reports are published for all action plans, at least once a year, and publically available no later than 3 months after the defined reporting schedule.

All monitoring reports report on progress against pre-defined indicators and targets in the action plan.

All monitoring reports present the rate of implementation for activities in the action plan.

All monitoring reports draw conclusions and have a dedicated section with recommendations to management.

The responsible body(ies) have initiated consultations with relevant state administration bodies to discuss the monitoring report(s) during the latest full calendar year.

At least one responsible body has initiated consultations with the general public and/or civil society organisations on its monitoring reports during the latest full calendar year or the year prior to that.