Transparency of lobbying activities

Review of information submitted by national authorities regarding procedures related to lobbying activities and prevention of undue influence and their implementation to fulfil the criteria below.
A supervisory function in central government oversees transparency of lobbying activities issues.
The code of conducts that regulates interactions between public officials and lobbyists is supported by practical examples of at-risk or undesirable behaviours and situations.
Lobbyists’ registration tools are made accessible for all and detail the registration procedure step by step to support the registrant.
The lobbying register allows to sort information collected at the minimum by lobbyist’s name, company or organisation, domain of intervention, and piece of legislation or regulation targeted.
Information disclosed by lobbyists in the register includes their name, organisation, domain of intervention, and type of lobbying activities.
Information disclosed by lobbyists in the register include budget/expenses for lobbying activities, and pieces of legislation and regulation targeted.
The lobby register is accessible online.
At least one investigation was carried out for non-compliance with the regulation of lobbying activities or incomplete or erroneous disclosure of information during the latest full calendar year.
A register of beneficial ownership of corporate entities is operational and accessible to the public.