Employment in regulated sector by top officials

Measure of the frequency with top-tier public officials (first level below minister) change employment from a ministry to a private sector organisation that operates within the scope of that ministry’s area of competence (public-to-private) or vice-versa (private-to-public). Such practices indicate risks for conflicts of interest, insider information trading, etc. The arithmetic average of the two rates is presented. • Public-to-private: Number of top-tier public officials in ministries who have departed the organisation and were employed by private sector organisations in the regulated sector within two years divided with the total number of departures, expressed as a percentage. Data from the past five years is analysed. • Private-to-public: Number of ministers and top-tier public officials in ministries who in the past five years have joined the organisation directly from a private sector organisation in the regulated sector, expressed as a percentage. Review of documentation provided by ministries, matched with data from the authority responsible for conflict of interest declarations and/or post-public employment provisions.